Collect The Best Forest Data. Meet Compliance Goals,
Within Weeks.

Streamline your field data collection and compliance reporting,
with our hardware-software MRV platform.

Field data collection for forest carbon projects is a big challenge.

Understory's LiDAR based hardware-software backpack system allows anyone without expertise to walk and collect structure tree data, conditions on the ground and generate carbon estimation on site.

A new era of ground truth forest data collection is here.


Faster Measurements

Collect data on every site more frequently and efficiently.


Tree-level Carbon Accuracy

Speed up the validation and verification process backed by the best ground truth data.


Certification Methodologies Supported

Meet the data and reporting requirements before certification.

Data Driven Project Development using AI.

Data Quality Audits

Follow tailor-made check lists specific to your project and its needs.

Reduce Issuance Time

With science-backed field data and reporting, reduce bottlenecks.

Minimize Project Risk

Build for high quality early, find buyers earlier.

An MRV platform for all stakeholders

We believe in the power of science and data in the hands of everyone.

For Project Developers

Develop projects that are transparent, data-driven and have exceptional impact both socially and ecologically.

For NGOs & IPLC Organizations

Incorporate social safeguards on the project development life cycle empowered by data and technology.


From data collection to reporting questions.

How does your platform help in speeding up my project development?

We help our customers reduce time-to-issuance by creating reproducible highly accurate ground data and at the same time find the data gaps and issues in their reporting at any stage of the project life-cycle.

How do you collect the data?

We work with you to schedule an end-to-end data collection service on your forest assets and carbon projects anywhere in the world.

Is the data collection specific to a type of forest?

We have deployed our system in a variety of biomes including mangroves, the Amazon and dry forests.

What kind of data is supported on your platform?

With our hardware system we are able to collect LiDAR, and visual data. Our reporting platform supports fully the various data in the forest carbon project development lifecycle that you can bring to the platform.

What's the pricing structure?

Our data collection pricing varies based on project size and location, number of sample plots and stage of the project. We provide a trial period for our reporting tooling.

Streamline your

forest data workflow.

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